📌 Allsun Carolina Mare Hotel, Malia Crete

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration of years. With both new projects and extensions & renovations, Makatounakis Ltd has carried out: ➡️ Samsung Supply Samsung Hotel Televisions ➡️ Supply, installation & adjustment of network equipment (rack, patch panels, fiber optic etc.) ➡️ Supply, installation & setup of xclaim wireless antennas ➡️ Supply of hotel energy savers ➡️ Supply of room numbering panels ➡️ Supply hotel hair dryer ➡️ Supply of hotel thermoelectric mini bars ➡️ Supply, installation & setup of satellite equipment for receiving channels ➡️ Supply of room telephone sets ➡️ Supply, installation & programming of audio equipment (amplifiers etc.) ➡️ Supply of electronic hotel locks ➡️ UPS supply for power stabilization ————————————————– ———————– In addition, all these years, despite the new projects we undertake at the hotel, maintenance and technical support of all installed equipment is carried out ️ ️ Thank you Carolina Mare Hotel Crete for his trust & cooperation‼‼ 🎈👏🙏 #hotelequipment #msselectronics #xclaim

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