Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa , Rhodes

📌 Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa, Rhodes Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa in Rhodes is added to the Atlantica Hotels Group list today, where our cooperation was marked in 2 ️⃣️0️⃣️0️⃣️9️⃣️! ️ ————————————————– ———————– During these years, the following works have taken place on the site: ➡ Supply, termination & certification of fiber optics ➡ Supply, Installation & Configuration Server SUPERMICRO ➡ Providing, installing & setting up satellite equipment for receiving channels ➡ Supply, installation & configuration of wireless wifi equipment, RUCKUS & xclaim antennas, American origin, ZYXEL switch, etc. ➡ Supply, installation & configuration of network equipment (rack, patch panels, etc.) ➡ Supply of audio equipment ➡ Installing & setting up the Music server network ➡Calling, Mixing, Counting & Data & Wifi Certification ➡ Providing online interactive UPS, etc. ————————————————– ———————– ➕ In addition, over the years, despite the new projects we undertake in the hotel, we maintain all the equipment !!! Thank you Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa for your trust! ️ #atlanticahotels #atlanticaimperialresortandspa #msselectronics #rhodes #rhodeshotels #satellite

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