Atlantica Sensatori Dream Resort Rhodos

The project completed at Atlantica Sensatori Dream Resort Rhodos 🔝🔝🔝 With the innovation and development we’ve achieved for the first time in Greece, to install the 16 amp network amplifiers, we have been able to remotely control and manage the whole system via a mobile / tablet, as well as the unique experience of operating touch screen machines! ️! ️! ️ And we do not just stop HERE !!! 📌 Supply, installation and setup IPTV REACH server 📌 RUCKUS switch supply, positioning & setting 📌 Supply, installation and configuration of wi-fi equipment to cover rooms and communal hotel rooms 📌 Supply, installation & configuration of the web 📌 Supply, installation & tuning of audio equipment 📌 Supply, installation and configuration of satellite channel equipment 📌 Supply & install ikusi FLOW We thank Atlantica Hotels for their confidence over the years! And we continue … 🙏🙏

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