Avdou Collection Suites, Avdou, Heraklion, Crete

📌 Avdou Collection Suites, Avdou, Heraklion, Crete On the occasion of the completion of Avdou’s new villas, we are pleased to announce our collaboration since the creation of Avdou Collection Suites! ️! ️ In fact, this collaboration has been counting since 2 ️⃣ ️⃣ ️⃣ ️⃣ 6 ️⃣, where Makatounakis Eve undertook to implement: ✅ Supply, installation & adjustment of energy saving controllers ✅ Supply, installation & configuration of network equipment (rack, patch panels, etc.) ✅ Supply, installation & configuration of satellite equipment for channel reception ✅ Supply, installation & programming of alarm system ✅ Procurement of UPS Online Since then, we have been maintaining the equipment up to this year 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣, where after expanding the complex with the addition of extra villas, our company undertook the following projects: ✅ IPTV Supply, Positioning & Programming with HOTEPLUS’s Brand New Software for Coordination and Remote Management & Customer Service ✅ Supply, installation & programming of fire safety equipment ✅ Supply of hotel electronic locks ✅ Supply of Samsung Hotel TVs ✅ ITC Streamer supply, installation & setup for satellite channels ✅ Supply of room number panels ✅ Supply, installation & programming of closed circuit television ✅ Supply of hotel kettle sets – serving dish ✅ Supply of bathroom telephone sets ✅ Supply of hotel safe rooms ✅ Supply of hotel thermoelectric silent mini bar rooms We warmly thank both the owners and all the staff of the band for their excellent cooperation both this year and all the years we are working together! ️! ️

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