Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel, Agia Pelagia

📌 Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel, Agia Pelagia From 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ to the present day, Makatounakis Epe is next to the Blue Bay Resort Hotel management if needed‼ ️ After 10 whole years of cooperation, the following have been done on site: ————————————————– ————————- ✅ Samsung Supply Samsung  Televisions ✅ Supply, installation & adjustment of audio equipment (eg amplifiers) ✅ Supply of hotel UPS for power stabilization ✅ Supply of hotel racks & its accessories ✅ Security system supply, installation & programming ✅ Supply, installation & programming of closed circuit television ✅ Supply, setup & customization of satellite equipment for receiving channels ✅ Supply, installation & programming of wired & wireless network equipment & wifi: 🔧 Wired trunk network 🔧 Wireless communal wifi network 🔧 Passive network & cabling 🔧 Optical fiber terminations etc. ✅ American Zyxel Switch supply & programming ————————————————– ————————- Our heartfelt thanks to the hotel management for their trust and preference over the years, and we are committed to the future‼ ️‼ ️✍️👌 #msselectronics #mssclients #ruckus #wifi #hotelwifi #greekhotels

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