DOM Boutique Hotel, Heraklion Crete

After a long time, we returned! ️! ️ Now that most of our projects have now been completed, we are very pleased to present them to you. New customers, new collaborations! ️! ️ So, today we present you the brand new 📌 DOM Boutique Hotel, at the most central point of Heraklion! ️ For months now, in this new site, the following projects have come into force: ✅ Supplying, installing & setting up a brand-new IPTV Hoteplus remote management system for real-time management of all TVs ✅ Supply of Samsung Hotel TVs ✅ Supply, installation & tuning of satellite equipment for channel reception ✅ Supply, setup & programming of the latest CISCO switch technology ✅ Supply, installation & wifi setup, with Ruckus antennas of American origin ✅ Supply, installation and setup of the new generation Grandstream Call Center ✅ Supply, installation and configuration of common room and room fire detection systems ✅ Supply, installation & adjustment of closed circuit television ✅ Supply, installation & tuning of audio equipment (multiband amplifiers, speakers, etc.) ✅ Supply of hotel hair dryers ✅ Providing hotel safes ✅ Supply of hotel thermoelectric mini bars (42L space, no motor to eliminate noise etc.) ✅ Supply & scheduling of hotel automation Smart room, with room status display panel, automatic room lighting control from the headrest, etc.) ✅ Procurement of hotel UPS ✅ Procurement of hotel racks And it’s not just them! ️ We thank the owners & hotel management for their trust! ️ 🙏🙏 If you have any questions or would like to be informed about the systems & services that Makatounakis Eek can provide, do not hesitate to contact our partners: ☎️ +30 2810 256210 Store Heraklion ☎️ +30 2810 540020 Warehouse Voutes ☎️ +30 210 9373008 Shop Athens ☎️ +00357 99082154 Shop Cyprus

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