Olympic Palace Hotel & Convention Center

We are delighted to announce the completion of the new 5th Hotel in Ixia, Rhodes Olympic Palace Hotel & Convention Center! ️! ️! ️ Referring to some of the projects we undertake on site! 🖥️ Supply, placement & setting up of SAMSUNG TVs, 📲 Supply, setup & programming of IPTV systems, DOCSIS-DAH TELESTE technology, 📡 Supply, installation and configuration of satellite equipment with 100+ channels, ⚒️ RUCKUS network antenna supply, CISCO, supply, installation & organization of rack & network trunk, 🗝️ FOX RFID lock system installation, installation & programming using card, ☎ ️ Installation and programming of call center, 🎥 Supply, installation and adjustment of closed circuit television , Supply, installation & setup of audio equipment, network amplifiers, speakers, etc., and END 🚗🚘Maintenance of necessary equipment for programming electronic parking parking with automatic detector for recording and counting of vehicles in the hotel parking area & viewing the availability of vacancies 🚘🚗 A big thank you to hotel owners for their trust !! A big thank you also to the hotel staff and staff for their excellent cooperation !!! 🙏🙏🙏

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