Ruckus ZF-T300 Wireless ZoneFlex T300 Outdoor Access Point

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The ZoneFlex T300 Series, are dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points (AP) designed explicitly for high density public venues such as airports, conventions centers, plazas & malls, and other dense urban environments.

Offered as either with an internal omni directional antennas or with optional external 5GHz antenna support, the T300 Series is designed for easy installation within an ultra-lightweight and low profile enclosure. The T300 is ideal for venue owners and enterprises looking to quickly and economically deploy Wi-Fi in high-capacity environments.

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Integrated BeamFlex+ Smart Antenna Technology
• Omni directional for very high-density deployments in arenas, stadiums, airports, etc. or external antennas
• BeamFlex+ support for up to 4 dB of signal gain and 10 dB of interference mitigation in addition to the antenna gain
• Internal antenna for a minimal form factor, which is essential in many deployments
• Polarization Diversity with Maximal Ratio Combining (PD-MRC) ensures reliable connectivity for mobile devices
Hardened enclosure for harsh outdoor environments
• IP-67 water and dustproof plastic enclosure with flexible wall or pole mounting options.


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