1813 IKUSI HDTN-790V FLASHD Nano Antenna UHF 12dB LTE

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The IKUSI FLASHD Nano HDTN790V LTE c60 antenna is optimized for maximum gain in the frequency range 470MHz to 790MHz. For frequencies above 790MHz, the antenna rejects signals to protect the plant from 4G / LTE interference.

■ FLASHD NANO – Designed to receive DTT signals (Digital Terrestrial TV)
■ Optimized for maximum gain at 470-790 MHz (c21-60)
■ Rejection of 4G / LTE 790-862 MHz signals (c61-69)
■ Easy to install – High performance
■ F-Type Flip Connector
■ Stable and robust construction
■ Weather-resistant

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Model: HDTN790V
Description: Outdoor UHF Antenna
Ref. Number: 1813
Frequency Range
Channels: E21-60
Band: BIV / V (UHF)
Frequency range: 470-790 MHz
Gain Nominal gain: 12 dB
F / B ratio Front to back ratio: ≥16 dB
Beamwidth: Horizontal: 60º / Vertical: 80º
Wind: 130 Km / h: 15 N / 150 Km / h: 20 N
Dimensions: Length: 50 cm
Packing: Quantity boxed: 5 pcs
Impedance: 75 ohms
Material: Aluminum
Connector: F-Type Female


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