4020 MDI-910 DVB-S/S2 to QAM Transmodulator C.I.

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Main features
A MDI transmodulator carries out the complete channel processing from the input to the output:

Tunes a Sat-IF digital channel,
demodulates the signal being received,
processes the transport stream, and
re-modulates it in QAM format (16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 symbols) on an RF channel that is selectable within the 45-862 MHz frequency range.

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Professional Digital Satellite Receiver (DVB-S2 – QPSK) and Transparent Transformation Modulation on Cable Digital Output (QPSK -> QAM Transmodulator). All digital satellite QPSK transponders (~ 8 TV channels + radio + data) in the form of a digital cable signal (DVB – QAM) are provided at the output in the range of a single analogue channel (8 MHz). Output level 80dbμV. All settings are made by the SPI-300 controller. Adjustable output to any channel from 47 to 862 MHz. It includes NIT & provides remote management.


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