4021 TDI-900 COFDM to QAM Transmodulator

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Main features
Digital Transmodulation (COFDM to QAM) with Transport Stream Processing
Optional Blockade of Services, PIDs and Conditionnal Accesses, with Regeneration of Tables.
The COFDM channels located in the 174-230 MHz or 470-862 MHz bands are transformed to QAM channels located in the 47-862 MHz band
A TDI transmodulator carries out the complete channel processing from the input to the output:

tunes a COFDM digital channel,
demodulates the signal being received,
processes the transport stream, and
re-modulates it in QAM format (16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 symbols) on an RF channel that is selectable within the 45-862 MHz frequency range.

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Professional Terrestrial Digital Receiver (DVB – COFDM) and Transparent Transformation Modulation to Cable Digital Output (COFDM -> QAM Transmodulator). All digital terrestrial COFDM (TV + radio + data) digital terrestrial (DVB – QAM) digital terrestrial transponder data is provided at the output in the range of a single analogue channel (8 MHz). Output level 80dbμV. All settings are made by the SPI-300 controller. Adjustable output to any channel from 47 to 862 MHz. It is necessary in all cable networks to allow users to download terrestrial and satellite digital packages with only one receiver !!! Provides remote management.


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