4099 MTI-800 DVB-S/S2 to COFDM Transmodulator

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Download: DVB-S (QPSK), DVB-S2 (QPSK / 8PSK)
TS Transport (Transport Stream): YES
IKUSUP 2×4-pin port
RF inputs: 2x female F
RF Outputs: 2x female F
Select output channel: 45-862MHz
Output stage: 65-80dBμV

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Professional transmodulator from QPSK to COFDM. Allows you to select 4 (or more) channels from a satellite transponder and convert them to COFDM to receive satellite programs with all new TVs or with simple terrestrial digital receivers. It is the ideal solution for distributing FTA satellite signals to hotels that have televisions with built-in digital terrestrial TV (COFDM) receiver.


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