3674 MSS-1708 Stand alone multiswitch. 17x 8 outputs

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The IKUSI MSS-1708 is suitable for processing and distributing 4 satellite positions (16 polarities) and terrestrial broadcast signals in star-to-top networks, ensuring coverage for 8 users. The MSS-1708 is an active matrix system with internal amplifiers to compensate for signal loss. It has adjustable attenuators for each polarity and a built-in Switched Mode power supply used to supply voltage to internal amplifiers and LNBs. Switching satellite positions is done via DiSEqC signals from the user's receiver.

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Number of inputs: 16 SAT, 1 TER

Subscriber outputs: 8 PCS

Frequency Range
SAT: 950-2300 MHz
TER active: 40~862 MHz
TER passive: 5~862 MHz

Insertion Loss
SAT: 0 dB
TER active: -2 dB
TER passive: -16 dB

V/H polarizations: 20 dB
L/H bands: 25 dB

Maximum Input Level
SAT: 90 dBuV
TER active: 90 dBuV
TER passive: 100 dBuV

Maximum Output Level
SAT: 90 dBuV
TER active: 90 dBuV
TER passive: 84 dBuV

Switching commands: 14/18V; 0/22KHz; DiSEqC 2.0
Current consumption from each receiver: 75 mA

Power Supply
Input voltage: SMPS 90~265 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Supply Consumption
TER active: 6.5 Watts
TER passive: 4.5 Watts

Impedance of Inputs and Outputs: 75 Ohm Temperature range: -30°C…+70°C
Dimensions: 470 x 152 x 87 mm


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